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isreal announces its decision to abandon its nuclear program in the wake of the japan meltdown

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/18/11 12:43:03AM

moments ago isreal announced it will most likely abandon its hopes or a nuclear power program following news of the japan reactor disaster.

this comes on the heels of several other nations making simular statements,japamn china germany and more.

isreal had only built a couple "test" reactors, no full scale full power nuclear oplants, but was experimenting with the technology in the hopes of building nuclear power stations in the near future.

some of the nations who are most dependent on nuclear energy have alreasdy pledged to abandon all plans for expanding theyre nuclear power priograms, if not dismantal existing planbts as well.

globaly all nations are being forced to re examine theyre decisions concerning nuclear energy. the U.S. is still resistant to saying they will also concider stopping all plans fir nuclear development, instead some officials state that it is regretable that this accident may postpone the plans to build the 20 plants that are now being concidered.

many citizens of every nation are now also re examining their personal beliefs concerning the safety of nuclear power.

there certainly will be far more pressure from the people to steer away from nuclear and fossil fuels towards more sustainable truly clean and safe technologies like solar, wind, and geothermal.

isreal representatives stated that they had discovered sources of domestic natural gas, which was more then enough to eliminate tghe need to build the proposed nuclear plants that now will never be built.

many more nations are expected to fall in line with this new push to move away from nuclear power towards true green energy sources.

the question remains, why hadn't we thought of this before having such a devastating, and terifying tradgedy?

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