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I am BLACK not black

Ham'diya Mu
03/17/11 01:31:20PM

We let them plant in our soil
We let them rule our spirit

We let them play with our soul
But one thing we managed to do,

Was to take out their plants but
We forgot the roots

That is why they claim
To have discovered us
But the question is;

Who discovered them?

They claim to have discovered
what we already knew
What is their claim?

They say we are black
They say we are empty
They push us to step
On our own feet

They stop us from growing, brother
They stand on our shoulders
They turn off the lights

Every time we try to step closer
They destroy bridges
when we try to cross
They throw stones at us
When we try to climb mountains

They say there is no us without them
They dont support what we believe in
Make us believe that
whatever we believe in is wrong

Whatever they are doing is right
They push us to fight
among ourselves &
Then step in between so,

They can be called Heroes
Why they are so sure
that GOD created them

What about us

Who is our Creator?

Arent we breathing the same air?

Arent we getting burn by the same sun?

Why do they think they are different?

Why they shoot at us &
Think that we animals

Why say, life is unfair
But we bow to them

I am tired of it!

I am sick of it!

I am human like them


Not the black they understand

But this black;







Created by GOD

HE gave me AFRICA as my home

What are you?????

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