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When did you know YOU were just a bit different than most around you??

Ham'diya Mu
03/17/11 12:26:11PM


Tomorrow I will be 52 years old (March 18,1959) yeap by my youthful children in my class I am an ooooollllllllddddddd Lady.. well I guess at 3 or 4 or even 6 years of age I am!!!

Each birthday I take time to think about about my life and I real-eyes that I was all ways different

than most of my family members and sometime it was very lonely in a shamanic kind of way though at that time I was unaware that life was preparing me for who I am today with this ability to see deep and far and to read between the lines as well as to appreciate the finest quietest moments of magic and inspiration..especially this thing we call LOVE..does it exist?? Well for me it most definately does whether scientist want to chalk it up to chemicals in the brain whatever.. I am better for it and I strive to embrace it and share it..with that being said.. when did You actualize you were a little different than those around you? When did you hear the drum of the shamanic spirit? What made you brave enough to step outside the conforming norms and be YOU..?

Holla back..

One Love

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