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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

japans nuclear meltdown

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/11 01:28:55AM

hour after hour the news comming from japans doomed nuclear reactors is getting grim indeed

i feel like i'm sitting here watching the end of the world in slow motion. agonizingly slow.

3 reactors in partial meltdown

3 more with spent fuel rods catching fire releasing deadly cesium radiation in the smoke that will seep into all our food and water.

the possibility as i write this that the very last workers are giving up theyre lives to save the world (or may have evacuated to alow an uncontrolled meltdown with nobody trying to stop it(news is still unclear on that))

if there indeed is no water being pumped into the containment chambers the fuel rods (spent, or actively being used) they will heat up very fast and begin to burn.

the active rods will melt through the floor of the reactor and continue to melt deep into the earth (water tables below the chambers contaminated , and these plants are very near the beach ocean life maybe devastated)

whats scarier is the exposed spent rods

there is no containment structure around these, if the water level drops they will vent directly into the atmosphere if the water drops so they burn they will melt through the floor and be exposed to the eair directly

smoke from these can spread radation worldwide

these 50 ppl still in the plant if they indeed are still there..cannot leave..cannot sleep they have to work nonstop to keep this under control

where the fuck is the rest of the world? why is it up to 50 ppl to give up theyre lives

why are we all at risk when theres tons of agencies and highly trained individuals whos purpose is to deal with these situations

there should be thousands on the scene

tons of equipment being flown in from all over

billi0ns of gallons of water being air dropped

but the world sits

in disbelief

arguing more about the future of the nuclear industry

then about the lives in danger

oh have let us all down

tonight..i got in an argument with someone who still was arguing that nuclear energy is "safe" and "clean" and "green"

sorry about the typos im writting this with trembling hands

shit has never been so bad

i'm afraid to sleep tonight just in case precios minutes are needed to prepare for a global disaster

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