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UBB in Canada :-(

02/09/11 12:43:37AM

As a digital artist/programmer/photographer, I rely very heavily on the internet for a whole bunch of stuff, from pure distraction, to creative projects, to communication and more. I probably use it more than most due to the nature of what I do, but we, in Canada, have proven to use it quite a lot in general.


Any Canadians hear about UBB? It means "Usage Based Billing" and it's trying to screw you, me, and everyone who uses the Interwebs in our country over.

The internet is an amazing resource on soooo many different levels. It's a platform to distribute information, to enable different forms of communication, to encourage creativity and more. Those are the things I find important about it, but I'm sure there are many, many more. The CRTC is trying to allow large ISPs (internet service providers, for those who don't know) to charge per byte, and increase the prices we pay a -lot-, and they're already very high compared to other OECD countries.

We've already let our political parties know how we feel about this and they've all made their stance -against- UBB clear. Now, we just have to make the message clear to the CRTC's Chair Konrad von Finckenstein.

Sign the petition and make our message clear here .

The CRTC seems to be reconsidering their decision. Make sure to send a message to them here .

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