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Just how far would you go...

Ham'diya Mu
01/10/11 02:32:28PM


Well depending on your economical status.. you might be experiencing more of a crunch to make ends meat (or soy to my vegan friends) .. one of the most nefarious observations it seem that many employers are creaming themselves on just how far they can get away with pushing the envelope to possible employees they can get to for go civil rights in order to get the employment.. of course its unconstitutional but if they can get you to so-called volunteers yours civil rights a way then its not quite the same if they insist that you do it instead.. for instant would you either trim very short or cut your locks off entirely to get the job..?

What I want to know just how far you would go to get hired ?

Is there a certain amount of money can get you to shave your natty?

Or is hair just hair and you will do it while laughing to the bank?

Holla back..

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