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dreadlocks shampoo
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Live Indubiously

Skip Wicked
11/19/10 12:29:39PM
Greetings light warriors and 7th generation rainbow soljahs ...My dreadlocks are a constant reminder of my link to God. Each and every one of us are created equal. Through media shitstem image warfare, the monetary system has created drones, or sheeple, and fitting in to the mold becomes necessary for survival. You are taught to make money your priority, which not only strays you away from your divine heritage, but manifests an inborn competition between you and others, between you and yourself. It drives people to believe that they are separate from Creator, when in reality, we are all connected rootically, like the dreadlock. We maintain the image of separateness, but this is an illusion. We are like fingers on a hand; we can move independently from the other fingers, but still very much connected at the roots. The secret of happiness is relating towards the world the way we want it to be. Everything and everyone is a mirror, you are bouncing your light off of the world, and off of other people. One energy, one heart, one love. You will experience your light. You will experience your lack of light, as well. The humble attitude of a servant is what we should strive for. We should bow at the grace of the universe. We should give to every living creature the love we would show our creator. So let us see the God in everyones face. Let us bring out the beauty in a jaded person. Let us love all the fingers equally, because we are the hand.Dreadlocks are my covenant with creation.They are my life path, not my hairstyle.They represent the oneness that I have dedicated my life to see flourish in humanity.They are my anchor to this world tethering my divination while my spirit dances in the stars above.They are my umbilical cord to Mama Earth.Dreadlocks represent original man, all men on Earth come from one tribe, one african mother and african father - whatever your skin shows today, remember you are only 6000 generations away from one fire in the center of one tribal family.As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. :)Dreadlocks enable us to rise together and reject the social order and to make merit, rightful action, humility, impeccable WORD POWER AND SOUND our new standard.Dreadlocks represent my vow of non-viloence.Bless bless y'all. If you find your sacredness, and develop and clean your heart to walk your talk, then your dreadlocks can represent your Lionheart, and no man can question the lion.Thanks n praises i-ternal i-ternationally. NATURAL dreadlocks live up!
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