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dreadlocks shampoo
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Peace and Raspect to All

Ham'diya Mu
09/03/10 12:55:24PM
Blessed..I can actually remember the day I decided to let my hair lock... it was very shortly after the "first" MOVE confrontation here in Philly.. I took my children to a neighborhood park in North Philly called "Lemon Hill". There I met the MOVE family and their children !! They shared their philosphy of John Africa, raw food ( I had no idea a raw sweet potatoe was really sweet) and what in God's name was this massive pile of hair on their head called "dredlocks"..??? It blew my mind to see people of color with not only long hair but "their own " hair and this untamed incrediable crown of glory!!Looking back on that day, I must have seen really silly because I just couldn't wrap my mind around such a style especially since I was raised in a culture of combs, brushes, chemicals to straighten, hot combs,etc many of my sisters as well as myself had to do to make our selves beautiful and socially accepting because "nappy " hair was just shameful and a sign of something going on that just was not right!!But to see this beautiful mass of hair I was sold..and thus began my journey with my head, my hair and liberation of my idendity..the rest is "herstory"..
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