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dreadlocks shampoo
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/28/09 06:25:23PM
I bring Love with me wherever I go,People feel it and don't even know.Without ever knowing they get a smile,I don't even have to go that extra mile.They feel the smile grow on thier face,And they feel like they're in a warm, safe place.I walk in the room and just be me,Suddenly, Every soul is set free.Free to smile, laugh and chat,Free to fly or act freaky like a cat,Free to be happy and let their stress go,Free to be open, and speak all that they know,I just keep it real, I keep it true,People all feel it and are no longer blue.It makes me feel good to spread that family vibe,It makes people smile, deep down inside.The joy that they feel begins to grow,And they just can't help but to go with my flow.So I'll keep it going my entire life,And wherever I am there will be no strife,People will smile, dance and laugh.This is my lot, it's my spiritual path.
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