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Gardening Insiide say what!?

ashley ✿
08/31/10 03:32:48PM
Hiya, i have a question...
So, I live in alaska yes?? Well, gardening here is over for the year, obviously, as it's getting colder and colder, but I was wondering what it would take to grow some stuff inside...? Cause we meant to do a garden this summer, but allot of things happened (from our house being vandalized to the foundation being crap, and more) So we werent able to actually start our garden when we were supposed to...I just wanted to know what I would have to do to create a good enough place for plants to grow and what not, inside, cause I think it would be pretty awesome to have plants so completely ready for next year to plant, be them flowers, vegetables (we have seeds that are made specially for alaska) yall think I'm crazy? or is this actually a pretty good plan?
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