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Glory,broken heels and torn eyes.

08/09/10 09:45:42PM
Broken heels made grating sound in the deserted alley as she was dragged by her hair. Her screams evaporated in to the snowy night like haze from a glass near the fireplace. She begged him to stop. Stop and let her go, but his vice like grip was too strong for her. He knew he was holding it for the last time so he dug his fingers so deep in her hands that it bled and her blood covered his wretched hands. He felt warmth in all the snow around him as he gathered all his strength for the last time and threw her between a wall and a trash can.Rodents squeaked out their objection to such late night ruckus,oblivious to the revolting act that was going to take place.Once the pupil dilated enough under those imperfect tresses, she saw a huge shadow moving towards her. Scared for her life, she tried to get up but the broken heels just slipped over the snow. Threads of Northern lights weaved a colourful dream catcher in the sky as the shadow moved forward with force.He grabbed her face tightly and came close enough to smell her body but not enough to make it vulgar. Closing his eyes to feel from the skin, he swirled his head around and drank every bit of air she expelled, making him more high than he has ever been.He has known this smell forever; he could smell it from his fingers; he could taste it with his tongue. And when he opened his eyes, they were blood-shot red. Veins stretched across them like thunderbolts ripping the sky apart.His long uneven fingers touched every inch of her face as she closed her eyes in fear. He scanned every curve, every contour of her face like a blind painter would see a painting. He trembled as his hands now reached her neck.The girl, who was now crying with fear couldnt even have the strength to scream and just stared at him with hatred. Tears fell from her eyes like molten wax on his hands and he stopped. He held his hand close to his face and the warmth from the tear radiated on to his eyes. It soothed him. He kissed it as softly as a sick man of his nature could and gripped her neck tightly.There was a lot of struggling as one tried to live while the other tried to end it. Who was who is up to you to decide!Clouds nudged each other a little and a faint hint of Northern Lights filtered through the dream catcher; but it was enough to see eyes. The girl saw those huge black eyes and everything became still. There was nothing special about those eyes; they were chiseled out of rough rocks and were demented, but the girl saw strangeness in them. Take off those tired eyes of yours that has seen everything in this world and look at this world from a kids eyes and you will know what it meant. She kept staring in to it, fully realizing that the eyes had hands as well; Same hands that was choking last few breath of air from her lungs. She tried to turn her head away but the intensity with which he held her eyes wouldnt let her move. Tears streamed down her face as her pupils dilated over his for the last time.Distant barking of the dogs mingled with his rapid breathing as he held her head in his hands while colors from the sky danced over their faces. It was over. Pain. Suffering. There is an end to it all, just remember to keep on choking.Now it was his time to cry and he howled like an injured wolf. He looked at the fading sky and he was burning. Black drops of blood rose in his eyes but had no strength to trickle down. It clotted under his left eye but it didnt make any difference to him.Suddenly he felt a cigarette lying in the snow, few inches away from a lifeless hand. He never smoked but he grabbed it like a kid latching onto a bar of chocolate. If this cigarette was the last thing to touch her lips, he wanted it. And so they kissed in front of her dead body, for well over ten minutes and it was the best cigarette ever.He stubbed it out and put the butt in his pocket and took out a set of rusted toolkit at the same time. Dropping it on the snow carelessly, he folded his legs and sat down next to her,This crazy world will not understand love no matter how much brain they use. It is felt from skin because its the electricity that flows over you. And when two bodies of such high voltage connect, power surges, brain shuts down and rapture takes over.He had a dream. A dream to make love to her and tonight he will carve his dream into reality with her flesh.And so the most beautiful thing in the world began all over again with a rusted deformed pliers.He pulled the ring finger of her hand towards his and every single fingerprint of her finger got absorbed in to his but its always too dark to see such things. Placing the finger carefully between the pliers, he pushed both ends together and there was a sickening sound of bones cracking. The pliers tore the skin easily and the cartilage fell out still warm and dripping. He picked up the finger and touched his eyes with it.Eyes help you see. They are important. And so he saw everything, nine more times as he removed each finger with the same madness and evilness.His hands touched her chest and he was the metal end of a top,spinning on a brightly lit marble floor. He searched for a heartbeat but when he couldnt find any, it became unbearable. He had always put his hand there and heard a heartbeat. It was just like any other heartbeat but this one resonated in to his. This time there wasnt even a slight vibration as he took out his knife in rage.He stabbed her chest repeatedly and didnt stop before the rib-cage was busted open and collapsed lungs hung over a dead,still heart.He clutched his fingers around her heart and yanked it out. Bits of her rib cage bones scrapped his hand but he never felt it. He held her heart in his hand and smashed it against his chest as shreds of muscles dropped around him.Blood was still dripping down from her chest and cascaded down her inner thigh. He lifted the skirt she was wearing and licked the blood ravenously. Every single drop of her blood was his life and he drank it with feverish intensity. He devoured everything that was between her legs and when he got up, life was still dripping down his teeth.He stepped back a little and looked at her, lying peacefully under the stars, brittle as a bottle yet beautiful in every single shard.The dream was to make love and this night wont be over before that. His overcoat fell on the floor as he made his way towards her, for the last time.Smell. Take obnoxious amounts of air when you smell something and hold it in till it erodes a part of your lung.A rat, who was busy fucking a dead rat, scampered behind those trash cans as his shadow loomed over the girl. Sound of broken heels repeated itself as they were dragged in two opposite directions and the night began for the second time.A faint shrill sound of overdrive steadily grew faster till it was unbearable and it exploded. Orange. Clouds became cows and the sky was there field. Chocolate melting on fingers. Bodies covered with chocolate stains. Eagle soaring above clouds. Snow melting under an insignificant rock. Naked back. Lights reflecting of car windows. Running inside your own head. Pitch Black. Bullet fired from a shotgun in slow motion. Fire eating wood with a cackling sound. Creases on a satin bed sheet. Tears streaming down the eyes because everything is alright with this world. A bear hibernating in a cave. Pressure. Rainbow trouts jumping in the air. Skydiving upside down. Drowning under a waterfall. Bloodshot eyes. Layers of skin. Incoherent dialogues. Frozen blood. Muffled snoring. Hot chocolate down your throat. Mediocre voice singing a song with such sincerity that it wins your heart. Two feet sliding on rainbow. Head bumps. Clothes on the floor. Flowers growing from the ceiling. Rain of blood. Mountains crashing down to the ground. Jumping into hyperspace. Friction. Travelling back and forward in time, simultaneously. Sword piercing human flesh and singeing it. Cigarettes falling to the ground. And cornea-ripping flash of light. Breathing. Water oozing out of pores to meet the other skin. Overdrive slowly became fainter and fainter again. Noises.Every night is not about creation. Every night is not about obedient house elves and spendthrift tooth fairies. The stench of rotten flesh and sulphur reeks every corner of this world, from the bedside in your cozy room to every single McDonald. Safest thing to do in such cases is close your eyes. Close your eyes tightly and it wont affect you because you are used to smelling from your eyes. Just close your eyes.The Church bell struck five times and reverberated through the forlorn streets of Tallinn, to reach his ears. He knew it was morning and it was time to go. He wiped his knife on his trousers and washed his hands in the snow. She sat motionless in front of him, covered in bluish light of the dawning sky, looking almost like mythical Sedna. Icicles hung from her eyelashes and she looked divine, from his eyes.He ran his finger through her face for the last time, and mapped every single detail as a living memory.It was done.He put on his overcoat and started walking briskly, not even looking back once. But then it was totally useless even if he did that.The maniac must have walked few metres before he bumped in to a rubbish can, that reminded him of reality that he was so distant from. "Oh", he remembered.He reached in to his pocket and took out his dark glasses and unfolded his walking cane. You see, the mad man was also a blind man and no one makes fun of a blind guy.He walked the street full of people as mothers held hands of their children to make way for this blind man to pass. It is only polite.He opened his door and was greeted by barking of his dog, Iris. Slowly making his way in to the kitchen, he washed his hands with warm water and sat down to eat his healthy breakfast. Cereals and Milk. Crunching down his cereal and moving his hand over the newspaper, he was suddenly reminded of something. It wasnt that long ago.He was sitting exactly where he was and his friends sat around him."Who is this girl you keep talking about?", said one of his friend, laughing loudly."I told you. She doesnt live here but we speak regularly. And I do meet her when she is free.""Is she hot? Oh wait, dont answer that! HAHAHA""Well if you really want to know. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.",said the blind man with sincerity."Oh really. Well I think you are going mad. And till I see her, I dont believe a word of what you are saying""Well. FINE!! Just because you havent seen her, doesnt mean she is not real. I can show you all the wonderful emails she has sent me.""Aaaaah! Now you can read emails as well....Dont bother man...Sort yourself out."He opened his eyes and the crunching stopped. He got up and went to his computer.Adjusting his braille keyboard, his fingers searched for appropriate keys to type:- WWW.HOTMAIL.COM Compose new mail.Dear Rozana,By now you must have realised how much I love you. Sadly, You will never be able to read this mail.I just wanted to tell you that everything that I promised were true and everything that you said was real as well.Tonight was fun. I hope we will do it again in the future.Love you forever,And he pressed the SEND button. Good! It was done. He got up and walked to the nearby window to smell the scent of morning glory.The computer emitted a sharp "Beep" sound and a new message appeared in the mailbox. It was same as the 1206 other messages that flooded his inbox. It all said the same thing." MAILER DAEMONEmail Address Unknown. Message returned to the sender."xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDumpster truck backed in to the very same alley as a man picked up trash cans and emptied it in the truck. He quickly moved forward when his eyes fell on a piece of cloth, soaked in fresh blood. He searched everywhere but there was nothing else to be found. Just that piece of cloth and shoe marks. A single pair of shoes , ten in size."Hey Henry! Stop the car and look at this. ",screamed the man."What?",asked Henry as he came out to see what was so interesting."Here. See. Something looks fishy. I mean who would come here in this weather? And look, blood.",replied the man."Ah! Come on. Do you see anyone here? Must have been a drunk homeless guy. ",said the logical Henry."Are you sure?""Of course, Im sure. Tell you what? I bet you 50 kroon that whatever happened here happens every night, somewhere or the other. Its normal.""Yea! Of course. Jeez. I get so paranoid sometime. Of course. Its normal."And they backed their truck out of the alleys of Tallinn, that has only seen people leaving since some bastard Serb decided to shoot down Archduke Franz Ferdinand. These alleys will never see something beautiful because these stones dont deserve it. They deserve to see a blind mans dream."Henry, Please dont tell Norma about how I reacted back there. Dont want people to think that Im a freak.", requested the man as they drove past that alley.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI sit on the fence with stones in my hand and I chuck it at people passing me by. They think Im mad.Have you seen this world through these eyes? Because I have seen this world through yours and if this is what you normal people call madness, then let me stay like this.Go on. Go on and live your perfect happy life with shiny cars and air conditioned rooms. Where Love will be a word and Passion, a type of fruit. Where everything you do has to make sense and experience always teaches the innocence. Where Earth is only a place where you live and air is what you need to survive. Where smelling bodies and eating hair is frowned upon, and killing someone is bad. Have sex because you are horny. Keep choking and one day, you will find noose around your own neck. Protect your children from making the same mistake you made. Hate your parents for not giving you enough. Curse because its cool. Depend on time to heal wounds and disfigure your body with scars.Keep away from fire because it will burn you. Or I can give you two stones from my pocket and you can discover fire for yourself.Do you feel threatened by my deformed pliers? Would you like sparkling new spoon instead? Ill take that spoon and shove it into your eyes. You dont use them anyways.Stay away from me because if you come too close, I might wave my penis at you and throw eye-crispies to your face. I kill in my mind every night and I create something new with my hands all the time. My underwear is dirtier than yours. .I think , we have come too far to avoid introspection now. And avoiding it would be an insult to your intelligence only.And you know the scariest part is what If I made sense to you? Will you be able to accept something like that?Im not sane; I think we can all agree on that. So does that mean..... You are mad as well??Dont worry hardest part is to accept it. Overcome it and more will be revealed, my friend.There is an empty fence on the other side of the road where you can sit and then we will chuck stones at everyone all day long.It will be nice.Enough said.Now, its my time to smoke a cigarette but I dont have any rezla papers. I think I will go and dance instead.
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