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Condition or...not

07/29/10 03:09:18AM
Since I regetably got my dreads made by crochet a few months ago I have done no maintenance really. i do tend to pull loose hairs out of the bottom of my dreads...not a very good habit I think!I swim in a lake every few days and when I wash my hair I wash with Baking Soda or I use Salt...I MISS the ocean, cant wait to get back to Ireland for some surf!So, Ive kind of avoided the ACV even though it makes my dreads feel lovely because it is conditioning...and I want to avoid conditioning right? To help my fuzzies and loose hairs dread up.I was going to use Aloe (it grows everywhere here) to smooth down my fuzzies and loose hairs for a night out.But im not sure whether I should.Im basically working under the idea that the hair that is not dreaded wants to dread as long as I leave it alone.What do other recovering crocheters do? I know there is nobody here but im gonna leave this up anywayKaren
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