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Good wash ratios and 'conditioning' tips

05/03/10 08:10:11PM
So SE gave his ratios, but obviously, the majority of us do not have 'fall to the ground' length dreads. I've tried a number of mix ratios, and this one has worked the best for me:1tbsp of baking soda per 1 cup of water.Now, what I might not know is that his ratio evens out to about that, but I'm too lazy to do math -^.~-.For your rinse, you want a similar ratio:1tbsp of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar if you're like me and keep forgetting the acv when you go to the store) per 1 cup of water.Important things to remember!Make sure that you rinse out the baking soda before you condition with the acv/vinegar-of-your-choice. The chemical reaction not only produces a slight amount of heat, but is a bit counteractive to adding the acv in the first place. Baking soda, being slightly alkaline causes the hair cuticle to raise up (which will add to frizziness) and assists in cleaning and deodorizing. The acv, causes the ph balance in your hair to return to neutral and causes the hair cuticle to lay flat again. If you don't rinse the baking soda before adding the acv, then the combination quickly turns into carbonic acid which does nothing but mess with the ph balance of your hair and scalp. This could be why some people are experiencing itchiness after using the baking soda and acv method.Also, after going 'no-poo' be sure to give your hair a transition period of about 6 weeks before freaking out. That's about how long it'll take for your scalp to accept the new washing method and adjust it's oil production accordingly.
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