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Richie Mulina
04/20/10 11:50:05AM
I recently got caught smoking weed by my mom. She found my pipe and called the cops to come to my house and they took my weed. All I remember is them trying to tell me that it's just gonna lead me down the wrong road and that's all I ever hear. This also made me remember how when I was a kid in elementary and intermediate school they always had cops and people in this program called "D.A.R.E" come and try to tell us over and over again, basically beating it into our heads that drugs are bad and they always lead you down the worng road. I dont't know about everyone else but I've been wanting to know other people's opinions about their "brainwashing," or that's what I think it is. And also if you really think it always leads you down the wrong road for every one or, or if you just make bad decisions.
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