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03/26/10 07:30:59AM
Bleh, I went probably 4 hours before bed and another 2 when I woke up before I had one. The problem with having that wake-up cig is that it will make you crave it even more throughout the day. I think the biggest stress about it for me is simply not smoking. I've always enjoyed it and after 11 years I wouldn't remember what it's like to not smoke.

I think many smokers including myself forget how powerful of a stimulant nicotine is, not to mention it also somewhat works as a pain-killer which I totally forgot about until about an hour after I woke up and was wondering why my lungs hurt more than normal. I feel I'm a person that is pretty in-tune with my mind and body and maybe it was just because I was on edge but even after just a few hours I felt like my senses were sharper, I could just feel more. Like the scope of what I take notice of had expanded somewhat without the dulling of sensation caused by a constant influx of a drug.

Thats just another reason added on to the already long list of why I want to quit. So why is it still so hard? I've been through withdraws before....Opiate, methamphetamine and mild alcohol withdraws. All of which are much more harsh than the irritability caused by not smoking. With opiate withdraws I felt really disgusting like my body was filled with something rancid and I had an overwhelming smell that was equally as disgusting, no sleep, sitting still for too long was painful and constantly felt on the verge of going into seizures. With methamphetamine withdraw you can get all kinds of sensory hallucinations, you might think you've gone a little schizophrenic with the intense paranoid dillusions. It can screw up the chemicals in your brain so bad that this can persist for quite some time....With alcohol it was pretty mild so just an all round not-fun experience.

But I still cant answer my own question, why am I still smoking? I have a whole list of reasons to stop, yet it's so ingrained in me that I don't even notice when I'm reaching for the pack. Eagle has his homeopathic recommendation which I'll try if all else fails, not even going to consider the patches because there is better and cheaper options to keep pumping nicotine into my blood.

/end book, lol

I guess this could turn into a good discussion for anyone who is trying to quit or has quit. I'm sure many people have things that they've done to help them through....odd things like chewing on a straw or toothpic, smoking weed instead, etc.
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