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love vs negativity

12/30/09 01:06:11AM
i wasn't sure where else to post, and thought he most respectable type of answers would be from people who hold Love so highly.Love to me is the most important thing in this world. i find a lot of things go hand in hand with love.. honesty, kindness, consideration, sincerity, peace, thankfulness, humbleness, gentleness, unselfishness.. now i don't know if this is just how 'i' view Love, or if those who truly understand Love hold these same values. One of the most difficult things for me to overcome in this life is being around negative people, and i am curious to know if you all have the same difficulties and how to handle the situation.i try to put my best foot forward and represent Love in all i do and to do all things with Love. this is much easier to do around others with a Loving spirit or 'positive' attitude, but i find i have such an uphill battle when i am around negativity.(i consider these 'negative' people- who see all the negative aspects of life and focus on them only and wont hear or acknowledge the Love in all things. looking at all aspects of life with an angry, discontent, pessimistic, unsatisfied view)these people or this negative spirit has such a powerful pull that i feel so drained, and even at times find myself slipping into negative modes of thought..i meditate a lot to try to cleanse this feeling, but i feel so shaken from the darkness that it brings, i thought i would see if i am the only one with this type of is so sad for me to see people i Love and care about, living their lives so miserably not knowing the joy that can be found just from accepting Love into their hearts. i wish there was a way to Love them out of their misery.
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