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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

probly will be upgrading the server cpu soon

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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the new servers performing pretty well, but, the cpu and in particular the database queries are not performing up to par with the old server

the old server had 8 cores at 3.3 ghz this 1 has 6 at 1.6 ..

i found a cpu that's 24 cores at 2.0 that's just about 200 dollars on ebay..

unfortunately, its a bit early in the month to know for sure if i can afford 200 this month but its nice to know that i can get a much more powerful cpu for a reasonable price

near the end of the month (sooner if anyone wants to make donations..hint hint haha (don't worry i'll cover it if not)) i'll take a good look at what i can find thats 8 cores or more and 2.0 ghz or faster

 we had impressive performance from the old server but cost me 3/4 of my monthly income so i had to build our own

the cpu unfortunately was the 1 thing i had to cut costs on  to afford it at the time

its been a couple months now (actually not even) and i am seeing that the cpu is a little more strained then i'd like (not at all critically) and the sites backend has a performance test that's showing less then  optimal performance ratings

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