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belief in freedom maybe a mental disorder?

user image 2012-05-22
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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last night on the news there was a segment about a 49 year old woman in ny who went shopping in the nude, after walking into 2 different stores to shop she was arrested. When asked why she went shopping naked she replied "i believe in total and complete freedom". they then took her to a mental hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

I guess there's some irony in this.

If you live in america.. the land of the free..and believe in freedom...

then you must be crazy!

Tara C
05/29/12 06:06:28AM @tara-c:

Nowhere with laws and restrictions is completely free, it's all just a delusion. There are few places left in the world where people are free in that sense of the word.

05/29/12 04:32:49AM @doubles:

Interesting....Did you know that in Portland, Or it's 100% legal to walk around in the raw as long as you aren't being sexually explicit. It's a weird place to live, but I sure do enjoy it =D

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