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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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medical nightmare

user image 2012-01-07
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
Posted in:

so many of u may know i was in the hospital about a week ago

well here i am again writting this from a hospitol again

a month ago i noticed a few odd sores pop up on my elbow and hip with no known cause. it was suspected to be shingles caused by the chicken pox virusat 1st then a reaction to a new laundry soap

but the local dr tested and said it was staph

ive already been messed up by staph twice so that was not good news. so 10 days of antibiotics and a trip to the dermantologist later aqnother 10 days of antibiotics and still not much better in fact the couple sores spread to cove4r my entire back and hip and much of my chest and belly.

so a week in the hospitol intervenios antibiotics and it was looking lil better so off to home they send me to follow up with the original dr that diagnosed the staph

calling him for an appointment he said theres nothinbg more he can do i should see the dermqantologist again wich i couldnt for 3weeks!

and it was gerting worse my right le4g now was all covered in big sores

so back to the er i go but we decide to wait for after rush hour..bitg mistake

i get to the er it takes hours as usual to be seen

while waiting i pull upmy shirt and my reaction was a loud holy got noticibly worse in jusyt hours

around the neckline of my shirt it felt like my skin was on fire a burning sensation ..literaly my skin being eatten

as i watched i could see it6 get worse hour by hour

5 hours go by finaly see a dr to examine me

when my sock was taken off and pant leg pulled up again a holy shit exclamaitain as my leg looked like a bear chewed on it

3/4 or more of the skin was crusty sores

took 10 hours to get a room and get more antibiotics

now vi cant eat without puking

most of my body is covered in a rash or sores

1nurs4e said it might be a virus that doesnt like exposure to air so thats why it got so much worse4 inside my shirt and socks and my arms are mostly clear except armpits and inside of elbows


its pretty bad and got me pretty worried

just wanted ya all to know whats going on

im not doing too well...

but im not letting them se4nd me home till im sure its cured

07/04/12 07:23:58PM @iain:

it's been awhile now since I've been on Y answers =(

just been busy, I still try to lurk here and there tho =)

João Gonçalves
02/01/12 01:08:34AM @joo-gonalves:

Glad your getting better :)

take good care of your self because we need you!!

Rachel NattyDee
01/30/12 05:20:26PM @rachel-nattydee:
sending you love & positive energy xxx

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/27/12 03:46:43PM @soaring-eagle:

they gave me other steroids and imunity system supressants so im way more vulnerable to infectu=ions now

i just got back from seeing the worlds leading authority and top researcher on pemphegus im soooo damn glad i went to that hospitol the 3rd time around

and ..funny thing is vicky=i that makes the shampoos suggested i go there so i really gotta thank her for that or id still have an improper diagnioosis and be way worse off

ok the latest

they increased the pretizone ..temporarily to knock it out i gotta get a whole battery of blood tests even bone density tests they added a new imunity systen=m supressant starting today

they expect it to be much much better by next weekl but might take a month or more to really heal

then..its a matter of hoping it goes into remission and goes away so i can get off the meds but i may need to manage it for a long time even life

i still have burning skin especo=ialy back and neck..and eyes stilk burn but not as bad

most sores are m[]looking way better just loads and loads of flaking skin! i mean loads..its ec=verywhere

skins still easily damaged i took off some just going a block between buildings ..but superficial

all in all its improving very well just not there yet and still pretty damn annoying

one ..odd observation i dunno if its the steroids the creams the s=dead skin flaking off all over but my dreads are way more knotty hahas ive hadto ru][ip apart congosd way more the lil dreads at the basy of my neck congoed root to tip (the nexct are was kindsa sticky and open stuill so maybe drainage was involved?)

i do have very minor involvment on my scalp and around my hairline and beghind anad all around ears

i was really worried it would progress more to the scalp and the dr said if it dod it would be all over and possibly might have to lose the dreads to deal with it but sincve its slowly getting better not worse that shouldnt be a problem

icve been trying to wash every 2 days now (today will be 3 cause of the appointmn=ent) but it stings

also==even with more washinjgs ive had more skalp issues that seem to come back only g=hours after washijng

so the every 2 days is pretty nesacary even tho it stings so much

and iain its good to see ya back missed ya hey u still do the yahoo answees thing sometimes?

01/21/12 11:11:07PM @iain:

been awhile since we've talked but I hope all goes well SE,

did they give you androgel (the steroid?)

01/19/12 07:45:03PM @princenoobsauce:

Best wishes for a speedy recovery man. It sounds just terrible and uncomfortable.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/19/12 07:28:41PM @soaring-eagle:

ok so i got a probable diagnosis

pemphigus foliaceus

it was never diagnosed or treated right

it spread to my eyelids i am typing with blurry itchy burning eyes

i went to a differeent hspitol this time

they finaly did a biopsy and it will take a week or 2 to get resulkts..2 weeks moere untre4atted and it will spread to every inch of my skin!

i'll be 1 huge sore

whworse is it can take months to improve and may need tre4aqtment for years even life

how bad is it?

just yesterday a 3v inch section of my arm broke out in sores


ill bre going home soon..again untreatted till they get the biopsy results in a week or 2

trhis is not fun

i kept my eryes closed all day today cayuse they burn so bad

im imagining having to dio that necxt coupole weeks even mionths
01/16/12 02:50:25AM @elkeinalaska:
How are things? Are you feeling any better?

Shanxon Lemasters
01/13/12 09:39:58AM @shanxon-lemasters:

I hope you are feeling better SE :(

Amelia Nantume Marie Mayer
01/10/12 03:28:39AM @amelia-marie-dreadybear:

SE I hope you get better soon!!! Stay strong dreaddoctor!

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