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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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natural dreadlocks journey day 1 to forever

user image 2011-05-09
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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natural dreadlocks journey

my dreadlocks journey began at a time when many things in my life were changing

i found myself in the wilderness in vermont deep in the national forresst surrounded by mountains ..and peace..and love

i was there for my 3rd rainbow gathering the year was 1990 or 91 (who pays attention to time anyway?)

the energy at this gathering in particular was higher then any other id experienced before..or o this day even

i hadn't intended to dread although i had lost my dreads just a year before and still was suffering the loss

i was at trade circle 1 day and saw some of he most unique beads id ever seen i dont remember what i traded for them if i traded anything at all they may have just been gifted

i asked several folks how to attach them or get them in my hair 1 brother recommended i talk to someone who did hair wraps so i did and she tied each bead on with a lil thread..which broke soon after so i took them all out that night in my tent thread and beads in hand i figured out a way to use the thread to pull the loose not yet dreaded hair through the beads and force em up till they stuck (it did take some experimenting to get just the right amont of hair in each bead)

these 1st few dreads dreaded very quickly and soon were joined by others.

over the next week several hair wraps were added to my too short hair ontop (yea the hair in back was longer but call it a mullet and i'll deny it haha)

these wraps soon started showing signs of dreadig at the roots and some fell apart to reveal dreads (the hemp 1 lasted many years however)

when i returned to the city i got a job ..a boring job collecting donations by phone for a non profit group hour after hour dialing phones and eatting chocolate covered esspresso beans id play with my hair twirling a lil between finger and thumb mindlessly and more and more dreads appeared every day

this was when the op was starting to grow a bit but still was semi short for natural dreads

when they began to grow id add beads and bells and wraps and bones and all sorts of random things (yes i jingled and jangled hen i rolled through life)

i had magical musical drads for a few years till the bells stopped ringing (a witch told me the magic in the bell gets used up and they stop ringing and it wa true the bell the clacker everything was as it was but made a dull thud not a ring) then 2 days later fell off ..

years and years went by and they grew and grw i went back to many gatherings since (maybe 40?)

heres them at 18 years

and again at 20

in 2 months it will be 21 and plan on keepin em growing forever no trims no matter how long they get

no maintenance

no rubbing rolling waxing crocheting nothig but leaving em alone

Rainbow Fortune
06/20/11 08:07:31PM @rainbow-fortune:
Thank you for sharing. Your locks are a true inspiration.

05/20/11 07:43:48AM @foxpaw:
Awesome :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/11 01:17:17PM @soaring-eagle:
sure seemed to help

05/11/11 02:28:24PM @jeanna:
Love it

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