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By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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so cnn today said the guy who bombed the boston mrathons being charged with using a wmd.. wmd? really?

in lincolns day he wrote about wmds and wmd poliferation i think it mught have been in the gettysburg address? reffering to cannons and from thier perspective sure that maybe mass destruction when it took out a wall or a few soldiers on horseback

but today we use weapons like the daisy cutter a "conventional bomb" that sucks all the aitr out of a 5 mile radius eliminating all life even germs in a 5 mile radius..and thats not called a wmd

missiles and bombs that take out entire buildings or whole city blocks arent wmds..

inj iraq the 'shock and awe" campain blew through billions of dollars of high explosives reducing buildings to a fine powder

all this high explosive power is concidered conventional weapons and acceptable only nukes and bio weapons capable of killing hundreds of thousands to millions at a time are called wmds today

so yes the boston marathon bomber was horible yes what he did was unthinkable

by]ut wmd?

it was essentialy a pipe bomb the type used most commonly to blow up mail boxes by prankster kids

a souper up pipe bomb but still a small low yeild low destruction bomb if there wasnt a big crowd it wouldnt hurrt more then a couple people

uf set off in ypir living room youd be fine in yoir bedroom

there was nothing "mass destruction" about it

land mines ..wich some countries still have hundreds of thousands of them.. that kids collect and sell for scrap metal risking blowing off limbs.. these land mines are as poweerful.. most hand grenages are close

when police enter a hostage situation they use percussion grenades with nearly as much power ()but no scrapnel)

so what next you drop an m 80 in a tiolet and someone sits down and injures their ass u get charged with a wmd just cause someone got hurt?

wmd must have a specific definition a level of sdestruction if we expect only our gov to nbe able to posess such power

dynamyte used to take down buildings build roads through mountains and mone for mineralds are wmds by this definition

your car..the gas in the tank.. could go kaboom with more power so is there 100 million wmds wizzing by on the highway every day?

lets get real

04/23/13 02:24:09AM @amethyst777:

It's beyond crazy!

04/23/13 02:05:27AM @javalizard:

Crazy isn't it, every time there is an attack we lose freedoms. Funny that mass shootings increase every time gun control legislation comes up. Now they will ban pressure cookers, I love mine

04/23/13 01:51:12AM @amethyst777:

It was all just about them waving a false flag... I totally agree with you! If you look at pictures, there is barely a mark on the ground. There may have been a tiny shred of truth to it all, but even that's pushing it.

And now they've passed CISPA. Websites will be blocked/banned from US citizens and (employers and others) can demand that we give them our passwords to sites like this on, Facebook, and even some email passwords.

04/23/13 01:14:20AM @javalizard:

It's hype, I truly feel. By doing this more Americans will gladly give up their rights so we can be more protected

I think what happened was horrible, but to lock down Boston? Over a pipe bomb? I'm with you this is making a horrible thing even worse. Esp with the weapons we use in the middle east.

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