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☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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windows support scam warning! calls from windows support are scams

user image 2013-01-17
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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warning, if you recieve a phone call like i did from 1-661-748-0249 (caller id jswilliams1712)

its a scam they claim to be from windows tech support (suspicios enough since windows is microsoft tech support and would never call) when i got suspicios of her attempts to access my pc i asked for verification (these people sounded indian or arabic) i was told to type assoc in the cmd prompt and they would read off a number to verify they were receiving a report from my pc (i assumed the activation number but no they wanted to use a diferent 1



heres a article on the scam

then when i further got suspicios that they wanted to connect using a 3rd party software not the built in windows remote support i requested a microsoft phone number to verify she gave me this number 209 676 4447 and said to call and verify and that her nane was william (another red flag) so i googled the number and scalled it was a cell i believe and the guy answers in the same accent windows tech support

i say hello is this microsoft he says yes this is microsoft windows tech support if you got a call you can continue to work with that person

red flag so hows he know i got a call? hmm she said only 100 ppl in oregon and washington were being called

im in pa

so 100 ppl in the whole country are being called microsoft (real) tech support takes 20 minutes to answer he picks up right away and knowsi got a call?

scam scam scam

i knew it from hello but needed to verify so i googled the csid string used to "verify" they were legit and there it is..a scam


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/18/13 03:50:45AM @soaring-eagle:

yea it was pretty me but could see alotta ppl falling for it so 1stthing tomoro will be charting with the fbi

i got phone numbers names everythinhg aparently the 1 number that called 1st also has been reported for harrassing ppl on skype and other scams

Castaway J
01/18/13 01:18:33AM @castaway-j:

haha ive done that to telemarketers, sure ill go get him sec, hold. hours later they still there...i havent had a phone for a couple months, wonder if they tried calling me too.

01/18/13 01:10:46AM @nichole2:
I got a call also I just put my phone on mute and pretty much forced then to hang up since they couldn't hear me

the Barrellady
01/17/13 11:59:02PM @the-barrellady:

I got this call too, about 3 weeks ago and I live in Ontario Canada. Knowing it was a scam after two sentences, I told him right away that I did not own a computer. He hung up.

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