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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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did i sleep thrpugh the apocalypse again?

By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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why is every apocalypse so boring? wheres the asteroids crashing into the planet? wheres the super novas and black holes? wheres the nukes and terrorists?

id even settle for a sky full of naked christians putting on a porno for us sinners left below

but no..nothing just a lil snow knocking out the cable and internet for an hour but thats all

ofcourse the history channel and scifi were running countdown to apocalypse marathons to entertain us with doom and gloom fear

and our ever loving government now running those today is the day before disaster awareness commercials telling us to be ready ...

ready for what? to be bored to death?

oh yes and fox news ofcourse capitalizing on the end of days doom too showcasing doomsday preppers and high tech bunkers and silly fools who spend millions preparing for ..wait.. wernt they preparing for the end 12 21 2012?

the lil clock on my taskbar saying 3 am 12 22 2012..i heard no deafening roar of earth shattering asteroids.. no gama ray bursts from a billion light years away eradicting all life

no earthquakes no horsemen or antichrists no pestilence i doubt rivers turned to blood (i think they'd mention that on the news if anything fun like that took place)

its dark out and too cold to bother looking but im certain theres no sky full of naked ppl nor piles of clothes left frozen to the ground

even us humans with our infinate egos and thirst for self destruction barely made a dent in our growing population

ok so maybe a few thousand species went extinct because of our igniorance ..but thats no different from yesterday or the day before

so if we cant even get apocalypse right...lets at least hope that those idealists those who are mocked for having pipe dreams the hippies the idealists and revolutionaries had it right and we are finaly beginning a ascension into a new age..lets hope we wake up from our ignorance and learn to live by love not fear unity not seperation peace not war ..and learn to take better care of our planet and our future

maybe now we can finaly learn to embrace not fear the next big date of human evolution . for every end is just a beginning and our indomitable spirit can overcome any prophesy of doom and turn our darkest hour into the brightest light

12/22/12 08:39:19AM @kelly3:

Although I agree for the most part, I think that some level of preparedness can't be a bad idea. I have watched a number of the prepper shows, and while many take it to the extreme, there is no harm in having a 6 month food stock. You never know what is going to happen. If you look at graphs of human population numbers over the time we have been on the planet, it ischaracterisedby a series of big rises and sharp dips. Then, as the baby boom era started, you see a massive rise. The dip is yet to come. The only question is when.

But, yeah.. These doomsday prophesies irritate me too.

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