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dreadlocks shampoo
so would've i


Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Zipcode: 15237
Country: US


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so would've i

Anybody got an account on

I just made one yesterday. Username...
@so would've i 10 years ago - Comments: 1

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first three dreads ever!

first three dreads ever!

11 years ago - Comments: 2

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not too enthusiastic about my hair right now
just a little over three months
95 days
95 days
loops near roots very visible in this one
77 days
73 days
back of head


Shelby Dawson
07/15/11 03:01:03PM @shelby-dawson:
Your dreadlocks are coming along very nicely. I like them! You have gorgeous eyes by the way.

Trina Sandress
06/19/11 11:26:49PM @trina-sandress:
Thank you so much for stopping by to read one of my blog entries! I think that your dreads are coming along swimmingly!

Brandy :]
05/04/11 01:35:24AM @brandy:
heey and so happy to meet you Megan, im brandy, or b, whichever floats your boat! so sorry i didnt reply earlier, i must have skipped over the comment. you have veryyy nice locks man! happy to have you as a part of my journey. :)

04/26/11 02:00:26PM @heather:
hey! it's going really slowwwwww. i kind of wish i'd kept my first backcombed set. i probably would've had nice looking dreadlocks by now. i definitely don't have as much knotting as i thought i'd have at 7 months. oh well. how's your hair doing? i'm still on the hunt for the perfect shampoo. bs/acv sucks. i need something that really strips my hair and makes it dry because its still really soft and resistant to knotting. i'll try and get some new pics up this week but i don't think much has changed from last month:(

04/26/11 12:47:23PM @anthony:
That's awesome, hopefully that'll work out for you. Going to school near home just seems to be more easygoing lol. It just really sucks here, pretty much the entire county. Theres only a few people that have the same interests as me haha, and alot of my friends have taken off to Pitt. I guess it's safe to say Allegheny county is way better. Yep Beaver county is in between them but alot closer to Pitt.

04/26/11 09:41:29AM @anthony:
Oh so you leave Pitt for college then? But yeah I'm about that far away, although sometimes it takes like hours due to traffic from accidents. Are you familiar with shitty Beaver Falls lol?

04/25/11 10:21:26PM @anthony:
Ahh, once you finish up the semester I'm sure you'll be in a great mood, everybody is going crazy for this summer break lol. It's going okay for me I suppose, nothing too exciting ha. I saw your from Pittsburgh which is like the coolest lol, not many dreadies around here at all!

04/22/11 02:48:11AM @anthony:
Helloooo! How's it going?

02/21/11 11:18:24PM @heather:
i'm in the same boat you are right now. you hair looks ten times better than mine does though and i'm also 5 months in. ugh. we all just need to stick together and get through this. you know we'll probably look back on this in a year and laugh. {{hugs}}

Shanxon Lemasters
02/21/11 02:16:22PM @shanxon-lemasters:
OHH how i feel your pain of not looking in the mirror, there are def good days and bad, stick w/ it, i'm sure they look amazing even when you don't think so!

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