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Poor Li'l Egg ...

user image 2010-07-22
By: Smantha Ballenger
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Baby Bluebirds hatched yesterday. I was standing on a ladder trying to get pics and Mom and Pops wereboth attacking me, dive-bombing me from the trees, lol. One little egg didn't hatched but I thought maybeit would today. It didn't. Poor li'l egg is still there, unhatched.
Reckon there's still a chance that it'll hatch tomorrow, on the 3rd day ?
Here's Pics ...
Day 1, yesterday ...
Baby Bluebirds, Day 1
And Day 2, today ... and the poor little egg is still there :(
Baby Bluebirds, Day 2
Baby Bluebirds, Day 2
Smantha Ballenger
07/22/10 09:43:49PM @smantha-ballenger:
I don't know, soaringeagle think 'cracking' the egg would help ? Poor li'l egg ... :(

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/22/10 09:21:34PM @soaring-eagle:
how do u perform a c-section on an egg?

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