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skywarrior: how I got to dreading

By: skywarrior
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My whole life I have been restricted by what I could do with my hair. My mother cut and styled it for the longest time. Mostly out of our financial situation. As I got older I was able to have more control over my appearance but I could never dye my hair and had to have the length approved by Mom before a cut. I always enjoyed shorter, easy to manage hair. I watched Mom get up every morning at the crack of dawn (sometimes before) to shower and get ready. It would take her hours. It was always a rush. I like to sleep and didn't mind my natural state. I didn't mind my hair being wet when I got on the bus or the fact I was probably the last girl to learn how to apply make up. I wore what I felt was comfortable and only 'dressed up' once in a blue moon. I was going to school after all, who did I have to impress?

My first major decision was in the 7th grade. I wanted a perm in my hair to make my hair curly for our upcoming vacation. My mom agreed and for my birthday I got a perm in my hair and it stayed in for months. I like it but it wasn't my favorite. The next year I chopped my bangs off to a blunt tip. And slowly I let my hair grow out. I started to see a hairdresser who cut my hair into layers. In the 11th grade I begged Mom to let me get a pixie cut. This was also the time in my life I decided I wanted dreads. I wanted to chop all my hair off to the pixie cut to see how I would look and how I would enjoy it in case I ever had to do it again for let's say after I don't want dreads anymore and must cut my hair off (which I now know isn't true). I maintained my pixie cut for 18 months, loving the low maintenance but hating the constant trips to the salon. By this time I was graduating from high school, making huge transitions in my life.

Here I decided I wanted to grow out my hair for dreadlocks. It took me five years to grow out my hair past my shoulders. It was the longest I ever grew my hair. In Dec 2015 I chopped off 12 inches to make it all one length and now (Oct 2016) it is right at my shoulders and ready for dreading. Before I have tried dreads before my 12 inch chop. I was always too scared and not supported enough by my own self. My significant other is not very fond of the hair style so that has also been an obstacle to over come. Now that Im almost two weeks in he is helping separate when he can and in return I will brush out his own hair which is almost four feet long and well below his butt.

My hair is pretty oily when it isn't washed but it slowly adapting to itself and regulating the oils. I just got back from camping for a whole week and it really helped my hair to get to know itself again. Knots are forming like crazy and I am so excited to officially once and for all begin this journey. Life is too short to not have awesome hair. So I plan on experimenting with dreads for as long as I can stand it. Then when my hair starts to gray I will dye it the crazy colors and grow it long or cut it short. Who really knows but this is what I want in my life. I feel like dreads will fit in with my aesthetic and my personality. Maybe it won't. Anyways Im happy with the progress so far. Im so happy to share the experience with anyone who took their time to read this! 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/05/16 01:36:14PM @soaring-eagle:


well i have a similar but worse story haha while you had to get approval for changes to your hair.. i was forced to accept the goofiest hairstyles my mom (who always did it herself not out of lack of $ but just being cheap as hell)  when i left home (young) i chopped and hacked at it  making crazy styles  but then i found dreads  (early 80s really only rastas wore then then)

i never wanted anything but dreads ever since

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