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dread advice!!!

user image 2012-11-30
By: Skully
Posted in:

I need everyone's advice...

I love having dreads. But they are getting crazy!!! they are trying to congo and there are a few of them that are tangling with dreads that are 2 or 3 dreads away... what would you guys do? Would you take them out and redo them or would you let them go and do their thing?

12/02/12 05:00:14AM @skully:

Thanks for all the advice!!!!! I'm gonna stick with the separating and whip these bad boys into shape!

Baba Fats
12/01/12 05:51:20PM @baba-fats:

Hope this helps at all. I don't have to say that I agree that you just need to separate

12/01/12 05:19:00PM @kelly3:

When they are fully matured, this will be much less of a problem. Just keep separating and bear with it.

Jonathan Farr
12/01/12 04:55:56PM @jonathan-farr:

i know that when i'm further in my journey that i will want a lot of congos but not everyone does, so maybe a personal preference

11/30/12 08:46:37PM @skully:

ok thanks guys... i think just got a little overdramatic thinking "omg they are gonna get ruined!!!!!" lol... but youre right i just need to separate and keep up on it!

11/30/12 08:43:23PM @myschyf:
Just keep pulling them apart and let them do their thing

11/30/12 08:43:17PM @tim5:

I would just seperate. I'm in the same boat, I've let some congo and I seperate some. If I didn't seperate I'd have one dread I reckon. I don't think you should take them out, just my opinion though, I don't see any reason to take them out.

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