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Dying my dreads?!

user image 2012-10-30
By: Skully
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I'm having a hard time deciding if I should dye my dreads. I've thought black, or maybe a cool auburn color, or even bleach them or maybe dye them pink! I've always been one to dye my hair like crazy. I need someone else's advice, should I dye them (and what color?!) or should I just continue to let them grow naturally (i did t&r but i mean naturally from now on).... decisions decisions... which one is correct?!

11/01/12 08:33:40AM @skully:

Awesome it's good to know there is someone else on the same journey!!!! Good luck to you in making it through your journey!!!!!!!!!!!

10/31/12 10:01:20AM @coloursnrainbows:
Skulls u are not alone on this journey of patience. I am also doing the same thing. I am trying to let my natural color grow back in. But in the mean time how I am so used to dying my hair my roots are driving me crazy. But all in all. This is my lesson to learn. U are not alone.

10/31/12 09:32:02AM @skully:

I think I'm gonna see how long I can wait to dye them. This journey for me is supposed to teach me patience so maybe this is one more thing I can be patient about. But who knows lol!

10/30/12 07:12:56PM @jacquie2:

my husband dyed hi dred s blond for many years and had no problem and had them down to middle of his back with no problems

10/30/12 06:14:00PM @skully:

o no! Well then that may have made up my mind right there! thank you guys for the replies!

10/30/12 05:56:11PM @mons:

If/when you do dread, rinse the hell out of them. The chemicals can get trapped inside and just eat away at the hair.

10/30/12 05:21:16PM @jacquie2:

do what ever u like what is best for you i mean allthough there is alot of "keep it natural" i think one of the reasons we as dreds dred our hair is because its fun so have fun

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