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By: Skully
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My husband is trying to grow his hair out (not for dreads, he just wants long hair) and I want my dreads to get longer, so I heard about Biotin... how well does it actually work and how often should you take it?! We are going to get some here soon. I freaking love my dreads, and I think they are progressing REALLY well for only being close to 2 months old, but if there is a way for me to get some length on them, I'm all for it!

10/29/12 03:00:49PM @skully:

hmmm well from what I hear here I guess it's worth a shot! I looked it up and biotin helps with a lot of other issues too, even mild depression! I thought that was pretty cool... but yea I think I will try it and see how well it works for me! Thanks guys!

10/29/12 02:26:31PM @mons:

I've been taking it for maybe 2 months and have noticed quite a bit of growth.

Just remember, your hair hasn't hit the shrinkage stage yet, so you still have that to deal with. If you take biotin, you could be having your hair grow quickly just to lose all that length.

Dee Dee
10/29/12 02:09:28PM @dee-dee:
ive been taking it for a month npw amd my.haor has grown an inch and a half

10/29/12 12:35:58PM @skully:
ok that seems simple enough! After a few months are the results really noticable or just a little bit?

10/29/12 11:38:53AM @ixchel:

you would take it daily just like any other vitamin or supplement, & you won't really see results until a few months of using it.

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