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user image 2012-10-07
By: Skully
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I've got so much going on right now! From trying to book photoshoots, to trying to run my website, to trying to enjoy this dread journey! Not to mention we are moving in 8 days... O wait, I don't even know if that will be happening anymore because, as sad as it is, our landlord-to-be just passed away! So yea, I have a lot on my mind right now.

I'm hoping to find peace within myself here soon, but it is hard with so much going on. On top of all that I am a mother of 2 little boys, and one with autism and everyday is a battle with that too. I would never change my child having autism though because he has the coolest personality :) He says the funniest things and is so thoughtful, even at the age of 2.

I'm just hoping things get easier here shortly.. My husband was just offered a job at Apple (computers), so maybe our money issues will at least be settled!


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/07/12 12:59:48PM @soaring-eagle:

it will get easier dont ya worry but i maybe able to help u put a lil ill email u

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