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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Zipcode: 11201
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/03/11 11:57:39AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome you never should have to retwist at all (and salon retwisting can cause severe permenant harm) 2 things that can color that are in your tea although what u use maybe better its harder to rinse out

you can also just embrace the gry ..let go go natural and accept it

02/15/11 10:23:35PM @feedroh:
Haw true sth Auckland haha nice, i live in the Maungawhau area here in Tamaki too lol small world, nice too meet you too Kiwi chick Mauriora!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/15/11 03:51:36AM @feedroh:
Kiaora mai wea frm Aotearoa yu frm e hine??

09/15/10 10:34:04PM @jameela-bailey:
about 35 long ones then when i got pregnant i grew extra hair and im in the process of dreading them and they are gonna be skinnie dreads and im estimating theres probably like 30- 50 of them lil guys. its crazy what ur body does to itself. but my dreads are really fat so the new skinnie ones will even out the playing field and ill have a big variety ya know. pretty stoked to see how it looks in another year ones they mature too

Driana Millare
09/12/10 08:08:12PM @riverdrifter2:
Hi! Yep, my third time with dreads. Think I got em right this time! First time they were WAY to big. Uncomfortable. Second time I sectioned everything myself. With no mirror. Way way to uncomfortable and impossible to keep from growing together. This time I had friends do it, under strict instructions!Yours are looking pretty good for their age!! Mine took a long time to look anything like dreads. (I have super straight hair.)

08/26/10 08:26:44PM @jessica-summers:
Hey there. Yeah those are my dreads in my pic - everyone comments on how far they've come in under 6 months!! I don't do much just keep them clean and let them go, was told to wax them when I first got them but I learned the evils of waxing pretty early on in the experience and now there's not much left in them.Your dreads are lovely too by the way :)

Edelmira Louise Brown Amuna
08/17/10 10:54:16PM @lucas-tucas:
Yeah - I'm only new to the site and had looked for someone living in NZ. We are obviously the minority group as far as dreads go eh?

Kane Easson
07/16/10 12:45:15AM @pan-the-woodland-nomad:
Thanx for the invite... Welcome!!

Haunah Rose
05/29/10 02:47:53AM @key-jisei-manolita:
you definately get used to the weight so i didnt notice it till i snipped. it was almost a relief. i was obsessing about the tips of my hair, pulling and tugging at them. getting caught in my armpits, waist line, under my butt when i slept etc.. so it is a nice change. they'll grow back. ;)

Haunah Rose
05/28/10 07:07:53PM @key-jisei-manolita:
thanks.. yeah they were waist length.. now mid back. whew.. i got tired of them getting caught up in various places.

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