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05/14/11 06:32:10PM @kris:

Thanks :) Yep, it'll be 10 months at the end of this month. I just noticed that some of the loose ones are starting to know up so I'm excited about that. I'll get some pics up soon.

The homeschooling laws in here in NJ don't require us to do anything. (We don't even have to let the state know.) When we eventually move the laws in that state are different and we will be required to do some stuff, although I'm not sure what yet.

05/12/11 10:33:08AM @kris:

Thanks! Seems like they have stopped shrinking and are getting a little longer. They are still tightening up and becoming more round and I still have lots of loose hair that is slowly finding its place.

I will start officially schooling Levi in September. Lately we've been working with him on reading and writing and anything else that sparks his interest :)

05/11/11 11:42:48AM @kris:
Hi Sissemor. How are you doing? I bet your dreads are looking lovely. I would love to see some pics when you have time.

01/06/11 03:12:10PM @kris:
I've been pretty good. Mostly I've just been working on gifts for family - hats and scarves. I have a few projects for myself that I want to start on soon. Have you been working on anything?

01/05/11 10:59:11AM @kris:
How have you been Sissemor? I added some pics to my timeline. I want to see pics of your dreads too :)

10/26/10 04:49:57PM @kris:
That is beautiful! I have to make one for myself. Maybe later this week after a get a few other projects finished I can get started.

10/22/10 01:21:41PM @kris:
I've made a few of them. I put up some pics on my profile of them. I've made 2 long slouchy tams too. I found another tam pattern a few min ago that I want to try out. I'd love to see pics of your tam when you get it done :)

10/22/10 10:29:54AM @kris:
I'm going to get the book you suggested about unschooling. I was reading up about it last night and it fits right in with our views on school.Here is the blanket that I'm working on Here are the head huggers I told you about. She has alot of great patterns on her blog too.

10/21/10 02:19:31PM @kris:
It came up this time. I definitely have to make that! I would love to see a pic of the one you made too.

10/21/10 12:42:31PM @kris:
I'll check out some info on unschooling. I tried the link but it's not working. The tam you made sounds really cool! I want to try to make one like that now. Here is one of the blogs I stumbled upon. I love some of the things she makes and it's so colorful.'ve been buying yarn at A.C. Moore and when I was at a thrift store they had bags of various yarn (4-8 balls in each bag) for only $4 so I stocked up.hehe

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