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Location: Texas
Country: UM


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David Alger
05/17/11 11:39:43AM @david-alger:
thank u for the request:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/15/11 12:51:42AM @soaring-eagle:
still they suggested it wax is a really really bad ideaok maybe you shouldnt request your money back (u coulda dne better free yoirdself though) but now u have got to do wax removal and get all the wax out which is extremely hard to dowax can survive 10 years of washing even boiling its evil stuff to put in your dreadsall dreading happends through movement wax holds..hasrdens..and prevents movement..with wax in there it never gets more knotted and dreaded but by palk,m rolling u compress the original few knots into wax makimg it look dreaded because they harden (and stiffen() real dreads arent hard or stiff just tighly knotted even 10 years from now if u remove the wax they revery to the stage they should be at around 2 months..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/14/11 11:34:11PM @soaring-eagle:

they used wax ..thats not good..they made em look like dreads yes but with wax in them they wont dread..even years from now they will not be dreaded only glued together with wax..

they did not do good they fooled you into thinking they did thats what wax is all aboit making you look like you got dreads fast but year after year they dont dread

read the site u have got to get the wax out and i would totaly demand my money back if they used wax they have got to learn they cant get away with scamming ppl that way

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/11 07:25:16PM @soaring-eagle:

oh 2 months in might b=not want to start over just use the wax removers and keep using them months after u think u got it all out wax is really evil ..get your money back and ignore every single thing they told u to do

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/11 07:20:32PM @soaring-eagle:

u need to get the wax oiut best way is start over srry but wax is out=re evil u never ever want any wax in dreads

and the rioots dread themselves but..dreads will not dread with wax in them if the salon put wax in them get your money bavck no salon should ever get away with putting wax in dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/11/11 05:16:09PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome going to a dread salon was a very bad idea what did they do to you i hope u never go back..

thats the worse thing you can do

so tell us everything they did so we can help you reciover (hopefully) did they wax crochet dread perm?

Adrian Keenan
06/23/10 09:30:08PM @fanci-taylor:
Regional Burning Man?! aw you're lucky man, is it like a smaller version of burning man or just as big?That bands pretty awesome.. like a psychedelic sound to them kind of =}

Adrian Keenan
06/23/10 01:01:09PM @fanci-taylor:
so you've been on your journey kind of for a while now huh?

05/06/10 09:33:17PM @andrew-summerfield:
i like your specs!

Troy FootsoulJah Leavy
11/11/09 11:42:47PM @bastien-daoust-beaudin:
Liking the new pic My Brother, namaste'

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