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Consumerism and Deo or B.O.

user image 2013-09-11
By: SimpleSpiveys
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This post is meant to inform and ask a few questions as well. If you want to skip through my blabber, read the last sentence. Before our dread journey started two months ago, we were already making eco friendly decisions. Not consuming as much as the average person, taking into account much of our impact on the earth and other people, running a blog based around it, etc. since the journey has begun evolving though, we have realized that there are many things that plague our daily lives still because of the influence of this modernized society. I feel as if people forget that they are humans sometimes. Slathering on Chemicals, spraying them everywhere too, just to cover up what comes naturally. Fake and synthetic everywhere you turn. Not to say nature doesn't create some harmful stuff, but it has its own balance and purpose.Anyone in my life besides Mr. Spivey wouldn't understand how hard it can be to make human/earth friendly decisions when it comes to just about everything. That's because we don't know anyone who trys to live a synthetic chemical free life (ive been influencing my mothers decisions a bit but she still thinks im nuts). i know it is inevitable that we will perish but id like to leave as little carbon behind as possible, actually leave a place for future generations to live, and not get cancer before 65. Unfortunately we don't live in the wilderness in a leed certified adobe hut yet, so it's hard to change it all but we do what we can.We have been strict about what we will allow in home. Specifically our cabinets for a good year now: Medicinal, for cleaning purposes, food, bodycare, and cookware. It takes a decent amount of effort researching parent companies, searching for something biodegradable, making sure the product in question works, and finding things that don't use a ton of resources to make. The funny thing is, we have not yet found a solution to stinky pits. When we're home, we don't really care. I've gotten used to his scent and I barely notice it anymore. Mine actually might be worse, and as much as I want to say "I don't care what people think", if someone smells me as I walk by, their perception might be "you dirty hippie" though I showered 20 minutes prior. I don't want to influence a bad perception of dread heads like I have seen in all the young dreaddies behaviour I've witnessed in the past. You have to be the change you want to see in the world, right? I wouldn't want someone's second hand in my face so I want to try not to offend noses when we have to go in public.Right now we are using NOW brand Long-Lasting Deodorant Cream, heres the description: is custom formulated with 20% zinc oxide, antioxidant vitamins, plus grapefruit extract to protect against body odors. One application can eliminate odor for days at a time.(yeah right! One hour is more like it, and reapplying doesn't work well)Ingredients: Talc, Safflower Oil, Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Lanolin, Rice Starch, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Natural Fragrance, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Ascorbyl Palmitate, Calendula Extract, Arnica Extract and Citric Acid. I'm sure there are tons of them online, but I would have to try so many to find one that works and get stuck with ones that don't.If anyone can lend some insight on options for strong but natural deodorant for us, we would really appreciate it - or if you think embracing your stench is the way to go...
01/12/14 09:12:35PM @simplespiveys:

Update, Had the crystal rock for a year before posting this(forgot to mention) and after about 2 hours, I'd stink. It's kinda tricky, too since it doesnt work unless your pits are just washed and still wet which isnt comfortable. Tea tree works about 60% on the smell factor. Got claydry lavender deo, and it doesn't work for more than an hour but I love the scent. I started shaving my armpits again after letting them grow for 6 months lol and it seems to have helped just a bit Mr. uses an arm n hammer "natural version" that has good staying power but it's got triclosan which I don't exactly want seeping into my pores. I will keep the magnesium on my to do list. Still havent noticed if onions affect them or not, considering I eat them only a few times a month but I have noticed that they smell like "herb" when it's in my system. - The stinky Spivey

09/13/13 02:38:10PM @simplespiveys:
We will try these, thanks for the ideas!

09/13/13 01:14:39PM @taye:

I mix baking soda, coconut oil and lavender. Works well for me.

09/12/13 03:23:14AM @gingerrose:
Maybe too extreme fir some, but.... Use a baking soda wash instead of soap, or just scrub with water on days you're not going out. Allow the skin to re-balance naturally over a week or two this way. Most days, I smell worse when I use soap than when I don't.If you want a product, try Pit Powder (I never researched the brand, but ingredients are fine)... You could also try lime... Or coconut oil... Any number of homemade deodorant concoctions.But the main thing I found that helps is increasing magnesium intake. I use transdermal mag (mag oil), but you could try another form - whatever gets it in ya! Mag helps the body detoxify, which (in my observation) reduces odor. Hydrate, too - gotta have water in there to detox.Also, you could do some experimentation with foods to see if there is some offender, like onions.Best of luck!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/11/13 10:46:52PM @soaring-eagle:

stop using anything beeswax?

you know your just clogging up pores making it worse

heres what id do

start off with carying around abottle of teatree and a lil pack orf gause pads or something wipe down yuor pits to kill off bacteria and thats it ..let yourself sweat..anythingthats going to prevent sweat clogging up the sweat vglands and pores just ultimately will make it worse

i stopped using anything on mune over 30 years ago

those deoderant crystals..its basicly a rock you wet and rub on your pits was the last thing i ever used ..they would low me to use it only once a week but after a couple months i had a skin rection and stopped using anything from then on

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