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Shelby Dawson


Location: Jeffersonville, IN
Zipcode: 47130
Country: US


images: 10
audio tracks: 5

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Ball And Chain

Ball And Chain

7 years ago - Comments: 0
Smoke Two Joints

Smoke Two Joints

7 years ago - Comments: 0


7 years ago - Comments: 0
Funny The Way It Is

Funny The Way It Is

7 years ago - Comments: 0
No Ones Gonna Love You

No Ones Gonna Love You

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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New Mushroom Necklace.
A beautiful day on the beach
Two weeks
Two Weeks Old
Two weeks.


Smail Jr
08/11/11 11:38:31PM @smail-jr:

thanks for the dready add

Maria B
07/18/11 07:17:13PM @maria-b:
Hi Shelby. Thanks for adding me to your friend's list. Your dreads look eally nice. Peace.

fermin Lujan
07/17/11 08:39:01PM @fermin-lujan:
Thanks! So do yours! I have a similar tear drop shroom necklace like the one in your pictures btw :D

fermin Lujan
07/16/11 09:36:01PM @fermin-lujan:
thank you for the add :)

David Alger
07/15/11 05:13:02AM @david-alger:
thanks u so much :) i like you're as well, they are starting to lock up really nice

07/15/11 01:51:03AM @chris2:
well thanks soo much :)

07/14/11 11:09:39AM @kristina:
Thank you very mouch on compliment :)... Your dreadlocks look fine also. I like colour of your hair. In last days I am washin my hair near every day, becouse it is so hot here where I live. Thous days is 45C (113f) in shadow and I am whole day wet.

David Alger
07/14/11 08:46:50AM @david-alger:
thanks for the friend request :)

Flyin Star
07/13/11 05:24:34PM @flyin-star:
I love your dreads!!! They are coming along very nicely!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/13/11 10:59:15AM @soaring-eagle:

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