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discovering and experiencing the benefits of a vegan life style !!!1

By: shea bannon
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With inspiration fromsoaringeagle i havedecided to start a blog on thebenefitsof a vegan diet. Before i get into the general vegan diet i want to tell you a personal story. Im 17 now beforebecomingvegetariani was 6'2 and 330 pounds i was depressed lonely and made fun of. I was very insecure, i had never done something in my life that i stayed with and i had no determination. but then i saw a video showing the sick andcruelthings they do to animals anddecided im not going to eat meat! i asked my dad he said no, but i did it anyway i failed i got very sick and had to stop because iwasn'teating. so i waited a few months and planned out every meal that me and my dad eat together and showed him how it could be veggie he finally agreed and it started. within the next few months my life changed i started loosing weight feeling better and thinkingdiffidently. 7 months went by and a i stared looking at milk and eggs and howthough'sanimals where treated a week later im vegan and iv NEVER FELT BETTER, CLEANER , OR MORE ENERGIZED IN MY LIFE!!!!. to make a very long story short im 50 pounds lighter andcouldn'tbehappierso start off small cut out one meat meal of your diet every week andincrease to 2 then 3 and before you know it ull be veggie. wellthat'sall for now the next post will be about the dangers of meat and dairy so keep on the look out !!

Peace and love,

Grizz Aka Shea bannon

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