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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Chicago, IL
Zipcode: 60628
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/12 03:56:26PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome read the dreaducation page u do want to wash your hair 1-3 time s aweek

no wonder they werent dreadung u got to keep em clean

Pinky Immanuel
01/21/12 09:48:13AM @ahil-ganesan:

Hello my friend :)

mimi mi
07/21/11 08:05:40PM @mimi-mi:

Thanks very much! (:

Ben Winter
07/20/11 03:06:00PM @demi-lauren:

thx.. :)

jah bless

Byron Pagdilao
07/19/11 12:38:44AM @bummie:
thank you for the invite :)

07/18/11 09:22:38AM @nick:
Thanks for the add Florida friend...your dreads look great

mimi mi
07/17/11 08:51:25PM @mimi-mi:

Aloha man, thanks for the request! I'm liking your locks :) You're adorable by the way!


Althea Jesse
07/17/11 08:44:37PM @demoniac:
Hi Taylor! Thanks for the add, hows the weather down there? TN is HUMID, wish i had an ocean around :P

Elbon Andrew
05/09/11 07:51:23PM @awa-bird:

kingkye36 aim messenger!

nice dreads

King Carter
04/05/11 11:45:05PM @shawn-cyr:
hi taylor thx for the add you'll learn a lot of info about dreading on this site :) thx to SE and everybody who shares their knowledge

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