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The beginning

user image 2010-09-20
By: Shawna
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Hi there,I'm very new to this site and to the dread community. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to do dreads. I've always really like them, but it never occured to me that I'd actually enjoy having them. I started off by watching the rival dreadheadhq- after watching his videos I got really excited about doing dreads and made up my mind that I was going to get dreads as soon as I could afford them. I am not the type of person that rushes into decisions and am commited to doing research before I commit to something and boy am I glad I have that personality. The only thing I found some what useful from the dreadhead hq website was a video on knowing why you choose to have dreads. It's made me much more comfortable at my place of employment walking around with a head full of dreadlocks knowing why I have them. I'm much more confident with them and could care less what any others think =] Anyways... I read, and then read more and I also went around here locally in Arizona to find someone who could professionaly do dreads. I found people willing to do dreads for me for anywhere between $90-$150, then I fell into the hands of I have to compliment this website and I know that if I would have went with the info I found prior to this site I know I would have a bald head and be in tears right now. After reading the site I decided to do it on my own with the help of my husband... I began my journey on Saturday 09/11/10- I decided to go with the twist and rip method. I knew I couldn't map out my head in 1x1inc squares and my husband wasn't comfortable with doing it so I had my hair stylist map out my head in a brick pattern so all my dreads would lay down nicely. After over 40 hours and 9 days later of twisting and ripping they're finally born. I haven't washed my head since the day I started and have only used Aloe to cut down on the frizzy's, but here is the 1st photo of my dreads. I want to encourage anyone reading this site and thank everyone for their posts and advise on the tons of subjects with dreading- it's truely been helpful and I'm extremly thankful! I'll post updated photos if anyone cares lol as my journey progresses, but once again THANK YOU! Photobucket
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