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Help?! :)

By: Shannon
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Hi soo ive had every hair style known to man over the years. But i was getting fed up of doing my hair and i was over it tbh. Anyway i decided to get dreadlocks.i wasnt to bothered about sections so i just began crochet hooking my hair. After i few days i decided i didnt like that method and that dreadlocks should be a journey an you should see how your hair changes. So i stopped. Now i dont do anything to it expect wash and ive got a load of loose hairs. My dreads are flimsy, some are thin, will they thicken over time? And should i be wearing a head wrap at night? Thanks.
10/08/12 08:42:30PM @coloursnrainbows:
Yes they will do their own thing over time and go thru a lot of changes. They will end being roughly about the size you had sectioned them to. So no worries there and my set is just a month old from day one to now I have slept with my hair Down and they are fine. No need to sleep with them tied up or in something. For when I sleep and roll around it encourages they hair to lock up. U want them to be as free as possible.

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