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dreadlocks shampoo
shannon marie mavity


Location: Malvern, AR
Zipcode: 72104
Country: US


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showing of my dreads

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07/27/12 11:42:55PM @treeofdread:

lovein it! make sure you keep up on the seperating, they can be sneaky and start to congo at the base real easy and before you notice, it's to late. I've notice this recently myself, now that i'm preety locked up and don't seperate as much they want to start joinin at the base. Not sure butI noticed when you showed the back that it looks like some preety big ones are startin to join at the base.And yea talkin to yourself into a camera can bekindaawkward.Your locks arepure awesomeness though

Chad Moss
07/25/12 02:01:29PM @chad-moss:

Awesome dreads! They are really unique. Love 'em.

shannon marie mavity
07/24/12 04:45:02PM @shannon-marie-mavity:

thank you rhiannon that makes me feel better haha

shannon marie mavity
07/24/12 04:44:26PM @shannon-marie-mavity:

thank you mommakittylove my baby is almost 2

07/19/12 03:18:52PM @rhiannon2:

Aww your son is so sweet and so are you. Love your dreads and i feel ya on feeling awkward in front of the camera but you did a great job it was very natural. Thanks for sharing!!

07/12/12 12:10:07PM @mamakittylove:

I love them!!! I hope mine look that great at 8-9 months! Your son is adorable!!! How old is he?

shannon marie mavity
07/10/12 06:54:16PM @shannon-marie-mavity:

thank you so much

07/10/12 12:52:06PM @knotlady:

I love your dreads!!

shannon marie mavity
07/10/12 12:01:32PM @shannon-marie-mavity:

yeah thats my little boy. thanks. im such an akward person and i've never made a video before. i felt like i was talking to myself. some of the front ones are tnr but the rest are natural

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/10/12 11:46:53AM @soaring-eagle:

isthat your kid? your both so cute ;) your dreads are looking awesome were they tnr or natural?

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