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11 months ago I completely stopped brushing my hair and using any products (aside from baking soda and ACV) although it's only partially dreaded because I run my fingers through the top front, creature of habit 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Initally why did I start this? To be honest I was grocery shopping and ran into my 8th grade social studies teacher and he said "wow I always thought you'd have a head full of dreads living on a commune somewhere" (sounds rude wasn't meant rude if you know him) and I thought to myself you know me too.

So that night I went home to throw my brush away. Now why I went neglect method. Two parts to that really. 1. It's cool this is literally what nature intended for my hair to look like I love how each dread has different quirks. They're all different sizes and shapes and all dread different. So I absolutely love that. 2. They are not pretty; mine still aren't after a year I mean they are 75% better than they were and actually look and feel like dreads now but they didn't actually start "locking" for me until about 5 months. I've always had issues of what other people think and even when I try to say I don't deep down I'm always tip toeing around other people's views of me. And that's not cool. I had a really profound spiritual experience and I'm completely rediscovering "me"; the actual me and having crazy unsightly hair that caused EVERYONE to say something always and genuinely not caring was a giant step. Oh and I guess a third reason: patientice; I've never had any. Dreading naturally has surprisingly helped that.

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@seayantra • 5 months ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/21/18 12:14:15PM @soaring-eagle:


your absolutely beautiful so don't ever feel self conscious!

but..warning ae no longer recommend the baking soda acv its extremely harsh and long term use can weaken hair severely..i lost 6-10 inches off dreads daily after 4 years using it i switched to and hadn't lost any (well last week i lost 3 inches off 1 after my dreads went under the back wheel of the car while drying them out the window0 if you switch yiur hair will be healthier from the very 1st wash

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