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Sarah Rose
@sarahrose • 6 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on @sarahrose:
"Thank You i will definitely try the charcoal next time."


Sarah Rose
04/18/17 10:54:38AM @sarahrose:
Thank You :) i will definitely try the charcoal next time.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/17 01:09:08PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and congrats

we no longer recommend baking soda however long termuse can severely weaken hair

the same site you get your shampoo from makes a charcoal based deep cleans i know, its not on the site yet, but next order just request 1 of the products get substituted with the charcoal

theres a bar and liquid though the liquids nothing like the locking up liquid

the charcoal super cleans so you can actually drink the rinse water out of your dreads and it tastes better then out of the tap

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