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By Sara7, 2012-10-21

Whoa have I got myself into a pickle!

I chose to dread my hair in March 2012 and did so by MYSELF, which was my first huge mistake because I was not able to create squares and make my dreads uniform. I have 35 dreads but should probably have more like 45, I think. I used the back-combing method. (I have Caucasian, THICK, curly, hair and it locked up well, so I thought) After about 1 week of not washing, I chose to use some Lock Accelerator and I misread the directions.. I sprayed the product all over my scalp and dreads. I absorbed excess as directed, and let my hair air dry. I slept with nylons over my head for several days and soon realize that 6 dreads and grown together INTENSELY at the scalp. :( They have been stuck together for 8 months now and I have tried pulling them apart, but I am not succeeding. I never used any other products in my hair, and while I occasionally palm roll, (especially when wet) I pretty much neglect them. The ends are fine, and the middles are tight, I just need MAJOR HELP with my scalp and the roots. I wash every 3-4 days with Nature's Gate Shampoo and always let them air dry. (Should I be using a hair dryer?) At this point I feel that I may have to start over, however, that is my last resort because I fell in love with my hair and have made so much progress that to start over would bring me down.. If anyone has experienced this or knows of any tips to tighten at the root and how to save my matted dread ball.. I would be so so grateful! Thank you!

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Dread Accessories!

By Sara7, 2012-10-21

I joined this site today and have already found it extremely helpful! While I have some major dread revamping to do.. I am interested in dread head accessories. If you know a great place to purchase beads, and types your recommend, along with hats and wraps. I would love to hear from you! I live in a po-dunk town so there isn't hardly anything here locally. I would most likely have to purchase such products online. I currently have hemp rope with seashells in my hair (I receive lots of compliments! :) ) I would like to add more interesting little things though. Thank you! Happy Dreading!


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Rooting not locking :(

By Sara7, 2012-12-07
My roots are not locking as well as hoped. I have a dread in the back which has grown out nearly two inches and is not dreadsed Any advice on how to lock roots? Thanks a bunch! One life, one love.
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