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starting point

user image 2012-01-03
By: sara3
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ive browsed this sight many times but i'm new as a member. always had a love for dreadlocks and wanted my own. this is the first time i'm taking it seriously and i'm doing it all on my own. i've just started i have the whole underneath part on the back of my head dreaded i started them on dec 30th, 2011. i'm slowly working on getting my whole head done. i've backcombed and crocheted don't plan on using any wax or anything. i have not washed my dreads just yet but i've been washing the rest of my hair with... handsoap lol, probably not the greatest thing but i just dont want to spend a bunch of money on products. anyhow i dont know who will read this but i would like to hear your story!

01/12/12 01:57:57AM @sara3:

i havent figured this sight out yet... wanted to edit this. but my locks are done now! i washed them once... big mistake. i'm waiting a few weeks before i wash again.

01/10/12 06:12:13PM @craftydangles:
leave the hook out of it trust me it messed mine right up took me half a year to sort them out! and you can clean them the cleaner the better! get some good dread lock soap tho! i use mr knotty!

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