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Sancho Lopez


Location: Providence, RI
Zipcode: 02906
Country: US

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i still have hair, and its still gnarly

By Sancho Lopez, 2011-03-22
i havent cut it! its still all there. its doing its own thing and actually looking better. well, messier, but thats better to me. were still on this ride, so hold on...
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fuck it

By Sancho Lopez, 2011-03-10
im shaving my head. fuck it. i give up.
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By Sancho Lopez, 2011-02-09
where do i begin? since day 16, a lot has happened. i've lost almost all my T&R dreads and the few i did the crochet hook crap to are still in. they've gotten kinda tight at their core and are loose at the root. w/e. i started using the BS/ACV washing method and that's when my hair really begun to lock. for the first month, all my hair did was fall apart and get all crazy loosey goosey. sometime within the first week of feb i finally noticed locking naturally. i probably should have started with either backcombing (it sticks) or totally natural. I intitally started my "journey" on Jan1st2011, but i think it realy didnt start locking on its own until last week. i now want to say that today is day 8, but what the hell... locks were in on jan1st. so yeh. i'll try to get some pics up of the naturally locking hair and the effed-up crochet hooked ones... we'll see what i come up with.
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day 16...

By Sancho Lopez, 2011-01-16
its day 16. i only know this because its the 16th. i only know this because the weather chanel. thank you weather chanel. i washed it 2 days ago, then rinsed and poured on teatree oil water (1 drop tea tree oil + 16oz bottle water). thats it....peace
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Yesterday I did a seasalt spray and let it dry. TodayI cut some aloe from my garden, washed it and stabbed it up the leaf (inside, from the cut end)with a long knife then squeezed the aloe into a small cup (good idea). I mixed some ground seasalt into the aloe slime (bad idea) and then applied to my shabby locks as Itwisted in the loose hair. I said "bad idea" beacause when it dried and I shook my head, sea salt went everywhere. I was a human salt shaker. maybe if I dissolved the salt prior to mixing with the aloe it might have worked a bit better. perhaps the dillution of the aloe goo would make it easier to work with as well...hmm. i'm kind of a geek. i like science... lol idk. maybe not mix them at all... whatever. SOO, now i'm going to shower and wash my dome piece. lets see if i still have dreads tomorrow.

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huge mess... bed head

By Sancho Lopez, 2011-01-11
since the start of my dread journey ive been waking up to run to the mirror and see what kind of monster my pillow created. WOAH this morning... lol... i am glad i wrapped my head up before i saw the kids. i'm pretty sure i would have freaked them out. it was huge! dreads and hair scattered everywhere. its fun to see what molds in the night. nothing huge takes place in the night, but its just interesting to see the different looks of each day.
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fresh dreads....

By Sancho Lopez, 2011-01-09
Yesterday was my 5 year olds birthday party and i had a bunch of family over for a big bbq. i got a lot of, "those dont look like dreads" types of comments. apparently, dreadlocks are instant and have a uniform look...i just said, "these are my dreads and this is what they look like right now. they change everyday. eventually they will lock up completely and be "dreadlocks". i did good.
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