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Sammie Haider


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Comments on my dreads- Mostly positive

By Sammie Haider, 2013-02-28

I was wondering what kind of comments everyone has gotten about their dreads. I usually get a comment every time I go out in public. Sometimes, maybe 2-5 comments in a day! Mostly are positive like, "I love your hair!" or "Sweet dreads!". I noticed I get negative attention when I go to hair salons. I work in a group home so I take my clients to get their hair cut from time to time. Today I went to a salon and my clients beautician asked me how long I had been dreading. I told her I had been dreading for about a year and a half. She gives me this smirk and says "Have you ever gotten them redone?" I was confused for a minute, then I remembered I was in a hair salon where people go to get their hair dreaded. I laughed and I told her that all I needed to do was to throw away my hairbrush and my hair products and use baking soda washes with essential oils. The conversation ended very awkwardly. I wish everyone knew the truth about dreads. I am not dirty and I do not live under a rock. So whenever I get negative comments or looks I try to change the view of the ignorant ones. I can proudly say I have changed some negative views on natty dreads!

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