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Sam Newton


Location: Wake Forest, NC
Zipcode: 27587
Country: US


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Dreadlock wash - CLEAN!

How to wash dreads. Dreadlocks. Whatever. You need baking soda, Sea salt, some kind of oil and a container to put it in.
Hiba J
06/03/12 04:05:03PM @hiba-j:

haha funny xD and thanks!! where can i get smelly oil from? xD

Sam Newton
03/30/12 11:50:01AM @sam-newton:
Ok ok Brit. Let me go pawn some more stuff then I'll get on it

03/30/12 10:33:59AM @foxpaw:

"Dont be a pussy, shake that shit!" hahaha :P

Sam Newton
03/30/12 09:14:29AM @sam-newton:
We will see about that :P I firstr need to find a waterproof camera!

Sam Newton
03/28/12 03:42:49PM @sam-newton:

I am glad this has been useful! I dont think it has to very exact but whatever works for you :D

Robin Schmauss
03/28/12 01:23:23PM @robin-schmauss:

really helpful video. i used your method for my last wash and it worked well. i think ill try alternating dr bronners and the dreadlockshampoo to see how that turns out

03/22/12 01:31:55PM @ixchel:


your curls, i just can't hold it together. (& thx for putting this vid together I put it on the tumblr ;P)

Nathan Hammond
03/22/12 12:25:32PM @nathan-hammond:

just gotta shake it haha

Sam Newton
03/20/12 02:54:08PM @sam-newton:

Thanks Change :D Yeah SE that might be what it is, the vigorous shaking seems to eliminate the problem though. as soon as I run out I am going to go buy pure oils and start using that instead

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/20/12 02:33:50PM @soaring-eagle:

ther bronners sometimes makes it clump that way thats why i stopped mixing bronners in

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