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Sabrina Focker


Location: Brisbane QLD
Country: AU


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10/18/10 10:40:50AM @naturalwomyn:
Hi! anytime you wanna chat just let me know! If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer them the best that I can. I am partial to natural dreads though! ;o) There's a lot of great info on the site about other methods as well. Many Blessings

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/10 08:12:00AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sisterwhy hadnt u concidered going natural with that hair? its so perfect for natural dreadsand theyd turn out way better then any other methodfree toou cant go wrong with going natural so many who start off other ways end up starting over natural

01/15/12 01:25:37PM @irie-dread:

Hi Betsy, Your dreads seem to be coming along nicely, Only from 23rd dec. Im sure my hair will get there, I have all the time in the world :)

Ellese Casteel
01/08/12 02:45:13PM @ellese-casteel:
I'm more in to the reggae dubstep you never know u might even love it! But still be good to get some feed back on it! And I was at glade 07 it was a messy one so much fun haha don't think I sleeped for a week after! I was a bit I a mess head back then. Now days im much calmer! But still let me know what you think of the mix.

Ellese Casteel
01/07/12 09:22:17PM @ellese-casteel:

i've only been surfing for a couple of year i love it don't get me wrong i'm far from great i just love the ocean! and the beach life but altho essex has one of the biggest cost lines it is rubbish for surfing and very stoney! man i haven't been to a rave for soooo long i miss it! i love djing ive been mixing dubstep sins 2007 i love it but i love the old sound not the new noise that about! i you would like to here one of my mixes go to soundcloud and search crafydangles i think you would like it!

Ellese Casteel
01/07/12 06:51:46PM @ellese-casteel:

they are a couple of us on here but not many! but every one i have spoken to on here are really nice! i love this site made my day when i found it! bristol that the other side to me i'm mid essex but i drive past bristol when i go to newquay i love surfing down there! amazing part on the country! why you thinking about moving there there? sorry if i'm being nosey don't feel u have to tell me!

Ellese Casteel
01/07/12 05:17:08PM @ellese-casteel:

i have the same hair mine is wavy to! i back combed mine in and they kind of fell out a bit one thing i did to stop the ends from coming out is pinch the end three fingers and rubbed them on the palm of my other hand in a clock way motion! this could stop the ends coming out a little! but they will get worse before they get better the best advice i can give you is keep them clean i was told to wash them every 4 days i use a soap called dreadhead hq! that is all i ever put in my hair! and a bit of advice i can give is what ever you do don't go any were near them with a crochet hook i did this and it set me well back like 6 months! is there anything else u would like to know? and its always nice to meed a dreaddy from the uk what end u from? i'm from essex way!

Ellese Casteel
01/04/12 05:27:30AM @ellese-casteel:
Ur dreads r looking really good for fresh ones! I think they will turn out really nice when they mature! Good luck with ur journy

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/30/11 05:57:40PM @soaring-eagle:

01/15/12 01:25:37PM @irie-dread:

Hi Betsy, Your dreads seem to be coming along nicely, Only from 23rd dec. Im sure my hair will get there, I have all the time in the world :)

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