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@s8ms8n • 3 years ago
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01/03/19 07:17:13PM @s8ms8n:

Hey SE, thank you, I have noticed you have the quality info for healthy locs, thanks for what you do.  1 month in just letting them be and they are locking nicely, i love the journey so far and i'm so excited, however ive noticed on like 5 different locs there is sticky white gooey spots with white specs that look like dandruff. kinda smells like scalp but not too bad and not wet dog mildew smell.  been using bronners with hard water so that could be culprit or could be sebum in the lock? i just ordered rot knot and the tea tree shampoo bar from dreadlocksshampoo, i will no longer use bronners just in case.  did my first bs acv today to try and work out those gooey spots.  i'm freaked out. i do not want to brush them all out.  what is it and what should i do?



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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/10/18 12:34:23PM @soaring-eagle:


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