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dreadlocks shampoo
Ryan Merrifield


Location: Tacoma, WA
Zipcode: 98405
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/18/11 04:02:17PM @soaring-eagle:

11/26/10 12:37:17AM @fiberfaeiry:
Amazing locs my brother! Hope all is well in your journey.Peace n Love

06/27/10 04:21:13PM @tainy303:
What do you do for maintenance on your dreads man?If you don't mind me asking. I've got all natural dreads too and I'm trying to find the best maintenance I can.

Al Wilson
02/17/10 11:37:25AM @christopher-ogden:
HEY!! How are you and your lover?? <3..I would absolutely love to make you some heady threadies with a lion on it.. i just got a beautiful new embroidery machine, so the sky is the limit!! let me knw when you're ready! because i am! <333 love love lovin you and yours!

Nadya Papusa
01/16/10 11:37:01PM @ashley6:
hey man, thanks for the add. how is ur weekend going?

Mikal Hardin
01/14/10 05:34:49PM @benny:
Thank you for the friendship my kind brother! Your locks are beautiful! love the little curls at the end of each dread!! Shine on!! Blessings!!

Shawn James Watkins
01/13/10 05:36:31PM @faceoffdaking:
Greetings from Florida and thanks for the friendship.Your locs are awesome!!!!Peace & LoveZ

01/12/10 07:03:02PM @tainy303:
It was an amazing movie! hahIf you don't mind me asking man, are your locks all natural? they're badass!

01/12/10 09:41:00AM @troy-footsouljah-leavy:
such very nice pictures pon your site, love the way you trod, love the lions and your art, keep on moving forward :))bass and love to you and your queen

kelvin davis
01/11/10 04:04:10PM @contessa-b:
Nuff Love lion ..oneness in Jah creation.guidance and itection my bredda..1

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